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Requirements to join
The Right Offer
  • DIY, Home & Garden
  • More specifically: Tools and Hardware, Construction, Gardening, Home Furniture, Kitchen, Heating and Air Conditioning, Electricity, Home Appliances, Painting, Lighting and Home Automation, Bathrooms and Plumbing, Animal care
Provide an excellent level of service
  • Ability to respond to consumer messages within 24 hours
  • Ability to send tracking identifiers to the consumer
  • Have less than 3% of orders refunded
Offer quality at a competitive price
  • Reference the best-selling products in the catalogue
  • Offer competitive prices in the market
  • Take care of the catalogue with at least 3 photos per product, a complete description with the maximum of product attributes
  • Ideally offer contains sustainable solutions in line with our Responsibility Vision
If you are a seller from outside the EU selling to the EU
  • Have a European tax code
  • Shipping from a European warehouse (except if you use MM warehouses)
If you are a seller from outside the UK selling to the UK
  • Have a UK tax code
  • Shipping from either the UK or the EU
Commercial conditions
  • Monthly subscription and commission rate
  • Taxes not included (price of the product + shipping cost)
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